It is well know that The Walking Dead, the popular AMC television series, is gearing up for its highly anticipated fourth season. What's not as well-known though (but you may realize once we point it out) is that our manufacturer, Hyundai, has had a direct marketing deal with the show since season two (you may recall some of the characters zooming around in their Hyundai models).

Because of this advertising tie-in, Hyundai recently debuted it's amazing and specially-designed Elantra model, which included a number of creative ways to dispatch the zombie hordes, all from the safety and comfort of an Elantra.

Debuting at Comic Con, the renowned comic book convention which takes place every year in California, this Zombie Survival Machine featured a ton of fun zombie-killing addition. Hyundai added an armored exterior, chainsaws on the front bumper, all-terrain tires, iron and barbed-wire covered windows, a samurai sword, flame thrower, PA system, and a machine gun turret on top. The model was very well equipped for the zombie apocalypse.

While the regularly available Elantra models do not come with any of the above mentioned articles of destruction, it is still a speedy, fun-to-drive, reliable model. Come take one for a test drive and see firsthand!

Would you like more information about the Elantra or any other new Hyundai model? Then come stop by our conveniently located Nashville, TN showroom at your soonest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will show you around any new model which may have caught your eye.

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