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"Best Dealership - Not Pushy At All! Highly Professional, High Standard of Ethics, Excellent Service Options and Plans. LOVE my Subaru Outback. I want to buy ALL my cars from Downtown Nashville Hyundai!"

Allison W.
"Great sales and service!! My family and I had a wonderful experience with Downtown Hyundai. Everyone was super nice and very helpful! We will buy here again! "

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"I was completely satisfied with my experience. The service was excellent, and I was able to make a fair deal quickly. I will go back again for my next car purchase."

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"Great car and great service. I worked with Wasi and Rania to purchase a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. I was apprehensive at first, but Wasi calmed my fears. He is not your typical sales person and he was helpful in understanding my needs. They did not pressure me, but understood that car buying is a big decision and they helped me with it. In the end, that is what clinched the deal for me. I would highly recommend Downtown Hyundai if you are looking for a hassle free and a pleasant car buying experience "

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"Very satisfied with my purchase at Downtown Hyundai. Everyone is very welcoming!! The sale was easy and I was out of the lot quickly! My car was cleaned to perfection and I recommend anyone wanting to buy a car go to Jim Reed! "

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"I contacted Downtown Hyundai by e-mail to let them know what I was looking for and my price range. When I arrived for my appointment, the cars I had noted were ready for me to look at and test drive. Sales staff was great - friendly and helpful, understanding that I needed to stay within my budget. In the end I left with a car I am very happy with and a payment that is in the range I originally told them I needed to stay within. I have purchased cars from other dealers and this was a much quicker and less stressful experience. I would recommend them to anyone."

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"I had a wonderful experience at Downtown Hyundai. I called several other dealerships and found their pricing very competitive. I was particularly interested in the new Sonata versus the Camry, Altima and Accord. Rahim was very informative about the car, its performance and benefits. After talking to all the other dealers I decided to go with Downtown Hyundai. The next day I faxed over my information and most of the paperwork was handled prior to my visit. It was my birthday so I was particularly excited. When I arrived to finalize the paperwork and take possession of the car I was treated like royalty! This was truly one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. I highly recommend them to anyone considering buying or leasing a vehicle. By the way, I love my new sporty Sonata! It's like a luxury car without the luxury price."

Joe And Carol - Kingston Springs
"We bought a Hyundai Elantra from Downtown Hyundai using an internet special price. The manner in which the sales staff handled the deal was very good. There was no high pressure methods used and they met all our demands on line before we arrived at the dealership. I would recommend Downtown Hyundai for your next automobile purchase!"

"My wife and I have purchased in the excess of 10 new cars, trucks or SUV over our 30 years together and I will have to say this buying experience was different. There was no pressure to buy today if we can get the note were you need it. The time spent by the salesman showing us the SUV and taking the time to show and tell about his product was evident he knew his product. The salesman to the finance man was a pleasure to work with. I will most definitely stay with this dealership in the future."

"I was recently coming back from vacation when my car starting making a funny noise. I pulled into Downtown Hyundai's parking lot and a sales person was able to help me out and save my family a lot of money. The sales staff are very helpful. If I lived in Nashville I would buy my next car from them."

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"This dealership is the ONLY place to go to buy your next car! They are super friendly, and are not intimidated by customers who like to negotiate on prices. Everyone from the general manager, salesmen, service department, and finance department were exceptional in their customer service! "

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"Downtown Hyundai provided exceptionally friendly and helpful service for the car buyer. I strongly recommend anyone interested in purchasing a new or used car visit this dealership. The staff listens to your needs and provides great attention to ensure all these needs are satisfied."

Steve M.
"I just bought a car from Downtown Hyundai! Great service from sales rep and all other departments. I have already recommended then to my friends. Very Professional!"

User Review on CitySearch by "Tracylovely"
"I received excellent service at Downtown Hyundai. Wasi and Jason made me feel valued as a customer. They answered any questions I had. If they did not know the answer, they told me they did not know. Wasi was not pushy like a lot of car sales people. The used car I bought is perfect for my needs. The car was priced very reasonably. The follow up service was excellent as well. "

Letter to General Manager
I am writing to thank you and your dealership. My name is Mike S., I came in in early August and test drove a 2012 Accent and looked at the Elantras. I sat at Montoyo's desk and told him that I was searching for my daughter, Laura  who is a grown 27 year old independent young lady who was saving toward a down payment for a new car and she had an interest in Hyundais. He was very understanding that day and did not try to place any pressure on me except to tell me he really wanted to sell me a car. I told my daughter about my experience that day, and the good feeling I had about Downtown Hyundai. Over the next 6 weeks she and I talked with every middle Tennessee dealer and they were all pretty nice, but she was still not quite ready to buy. She was afraid of the process and the enormous obligation of purchasing a new car. She seemed to want to avoid talking about it very much, and I believe she was just taking it all in slowly since this was her first car buying experience. To my surprise she took the initiative to independently buy a red 2012 Elantra from you Labor Day night without "Dad" around. I did not realize just how independent she had grown to be. She was made to feel very comfortable, and she brought the car over to show me and tell me all about the negotiations. She felt good about the purchase, the process, she was very happy she choose Downtown Hyundai. I feel good too about her deal, and I'm glad I told her that I had a good feeling about trusting your dealership."

Darlene W.
"It is very rare that I find the occasion to write a note of the commendation for an individual. It is my pleasure to write this one for your salesman, Tom Shields.
My daughter and I drove onto your lot around 4:00pm on Monday, August 29. We were driving to Denver, CO from Winston-Salem, N.C. for her to attend a school when we encountered problems with our Tucson. Our GPS was able to locate your dealership, but when we arrived we did not see the service department. Tom saw us drive up in out Tucson packed with not an inch to spare, inclusive of a car top carrier and a carrier on the back. He approached us realizing that we were in distress. He not only offered to drive the car around to the service department, but also kept in touch with them while they tried to discern the problem.
Now, I would have been impressed with that level of service, but Tom offered to help us find a hotel for the night. He then drove us to the hotel and offered to pick us up the next morning and drive us back to the service department. He was not only a wonderful ambassador for the dealership, but also for the city of Nashville/ He provided us with helpful information about the downtown area, where we were staying. He even offered suggestions of restaurants and sightseeing. A couple of days after we had left Nashville, Tom sent us an e-mail with his concerns of us arriving safely in Denver.
I am sure you realize that you have a wonderful individual working for you. My daughter and I feel very fortunate that Tom was the person who greeted us that Monday.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for your kindness to us the evening of Monday, August 29. It was a refreshing pleasure to have you greet Ashley and myself that day. We were exhausted and very worried, being so far from home and having problems with our Tuscon. thank you for seeing us through the process of getting the car repaired and for being the wonderful ambassador for both the Hyundai dealership and Nashville. I have never experienced such personal service as you offered that day. You truly went "above and beyond" any call of duty. It was so nice of you to drive us to the hotel and then show us around the downtown area. Due to your kindness, Ashley and I were able to have a pleasant, enjoyable, and adventurous evening. Thank you!
I will have to admit  that Nashville has never been on my "to visit" list. Thanks to you for helping our brief encounter with Nashville such a pleasant experience, we are looking forward to returning for a real visit of the area.
We did make it to Denver in time for Ashley's orientation at Denver University. She is happily settled in and I am happy to be back home in North Carolina.
My husband and I want to issue a sincere invitation to you and your family to visit us in Winston-Salem. We would love the opportunity to repay your kindness."

Milton S
"We were very impressed with the friendliness, professionalism, and knowledge of the entire staff. They made our car-buying experience a very pleasant one. And our salesman, Wasi Ashari, did an outstanding job of explaining all of the vehicle's features to us. We would highly recommend Downtown Hyundai to anyone who is considering buying a new car."

Chuck S.
It was such a pleasure to meet you. I would like to extend all of my thanks and gratitude for the help you offered. As I mentioned to you before, I have never seen a General Manager who is so thoughtful and considerate in attending to customers' needs. You were there in the service department helping everyone. Usually GM's sit in their office in their comfy chairs but you were so helpful to everyone. I was utterly impressed. Thank you so much for all your efforts and for the way you help your customers."

Letter to General Manager from Chuck S.
I am a customer who purchased a 2008 Hyundai Elantra you. I knew your father because he used to play bridge at my club and I talked with him several times. He was a great man and I was utterly saddened when he passed away. I like your dealership. Recently I was there for some service and got in contact with Brandon Mosley (General Manager). He was just neat. I have never seen a general manager who was so helpful, so considerate and attentive. He was mingling with the customers and trying to help everyone. He was so patient and friendly and had a great attitude. I really believe he is the best person I've ever seen work at a dealership. I recommend everyone go to

Dan R. Alexander
"Just a note to say thank you for the prompt, excellent, courteous and professional way in which you dealt with our car service on Friday, August 19, 2011. Excellent service at this dealership is the reason why we own three Hyundai vehicles; all purchased within the last 4 years from Jim Reed. As I was telling David West (Service Advisor), my father drove me to Downtown Hyundai in 1955 to take delivery on a new car and when I returned from Vietnam in 1968, I purchased my first car from Downtown Hyundai. Again, thank you."
 Fran C.
"We purchased our 2012 Hyundai Sonata from Downtown Hyundai on 8-13-11. The salesperson that assisted us was Wasi and we would like to let his peers and supervisors know what a great person and salesperson he is. He was very patient and not aggressive in his sales style. Yet he was persuasive in a way that made us feel at ease. He is very knowledgeable about the vehicles he is selling and is not afraid to tell you if he doesn't know the answer to your questions. We did have a little mis-communication but that was remedied. Thank you Wasi and congratulations to Downtown Hyundai for having suck a good professional salesman as Wasi. "
Rick Loudermilk
"We purchased a Veracruz in late 2010 and just purchased a 2011 Sonata. I have always been a GM man but not anymore. The Quality and attention to detail figured out by HYUNDAI. The people are great to work with."

 CitySearch Review by Fairlen
"My husband and I had been searching for a 2011 Hyundai Sonata for about a month. We had received the run around from the local Hyundai dealership here in Clarksville when we contacted Downtown Hyundai what had taken us well over 3 weeks to try to accomplish price wise with our local dealership was accomplished in a 10 min phone call to Downtown Hyundai. We worked with Rahim and Rania and their customer service and professionalism were bar none! Their service has not stopped with the sale. I have received calls to ensure that my purchase has been comfortable for me. Rahim offered to come in on his day off just to walk through the features of my vehicle more thoroughly (since we drove a hour to get to them it was late.) I appreciate all that they have done thus far for my family. I can definitely say that we will be repeat customers when the need arises again!"

Lou and Sue

"I intended to purchase another Toyota, but got the runaround from salesmen. I contacted many dealers by email to get quotes as I didn't want to haggle with salesmen. I had many responses, buy Rahim at Downtown Hyundai was the only one who sent me an actual quote for the car I was interested in. I went to the Downtown Hyundai dealership the next day to test drive the car. It was his day off, but Rahim came in to meet me so I could test drive the car. I found him to be knowledgeable, courteous, and not pushy. I purchased the car that evening. I have had the car for over a month, and it has been one of the best cars I have ever purchased. Thanks to Rahim of Downtown Hyundai from a very satisfied customer."

CitySearch Review by Sgtrock44
"I purchased my 1st new vehicle at Downtown Subaru in 1988. I was a young soldier needing a reliable vehicle and low payments. I found a 1988 Subaru Justy that met my needs. This time I needed a AWD vehicle for my family and business needs and selected the 2011 Hyundai Tucson. My family loves the vehicle, The whole purchasing experience at Downtown Hyundai was very professional. I will be very glad to recommend this auto-dealership to my friends and family. Alex Snook, my salesman, was highly professional and one of Nashville,s BEST! I also appreciate Hyundai giving my a $500.00 military discount...that's awesome! It also says a lot that they are going to stand behind the vehicle's engine for 250,000 miles! I think I'll be leaving the "Downtown Hyundai" logo on the back of my new vehicle!"

Dana A.
"I drove over 3 hours to buy this 2011 Santa Fe Limited. I knew what I wanted months before I actually purchased it and Downtown Hyundai was the only dealership in a 5 state area to meet my needs. I received a great price for what I wanted! This is my 3rd Hyundai in the last 10 yrs and will continue as long as Hyundai continues to have dealerships like Downtown Hyundai. This dealership destroys all others I have dealt with in buying a car. I just wish they were closer for service."
Angela C
"Rahim and Rania were great to work with! I highly recommend doing business with them."
John M.
"My salesman, David West, was excellent, friendly, professional, patient, and very helpful, without being pushy."

Leonard L.

"The Hyundai sales staff was very good. The buying process was long but handled well. I enjoyed spending my money at Downtown Hyundai."

Lee P.
"Ryan Tiano was very honest, friendly and knowledgeable. He was a pleasure to work with. We will recommend our friends to him for new or used vehicles." 

CitySearch Review by '2Blessed2bStressed'
"I had a wonderful experience at Downtown Hyundai. I worked with Rahim and Rania. They were great! I called several other dealerships and found their pricing very competitive. I was particularly interested in the new Sonata versus the Camry, Altima and Accord. Rahim was very informative about the car, it's performance and benefits. After talking to the other dealers, I decided to go with Downtown Hyundai. The next day I faxed over my information and most of the paperwork was handled prior to the visit. Rania called me back within an hour to tell me I was approved and to pick a color! It was my birthday so I was particularly excited. When I arrived to finalize the paperwork and take possession of the car I was treat like royalty! This was truly one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. I highly recommend them to anyone considering buying or leasing a vehicle. By the way, I love my new sporty Sonata! It's like a luxury car without the luxury price! Happy Birthday to me!"

CitySearch Review by 'pharris003'
"We recently purchased a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. thanks to Alex Snook for a tremendous buying experience. The experience was extremely friendly and there was no pressure to purchase. Alex, Rania and the Downtown Hyundai staff were friendly throughout the entire process and alex even stayed after hours to make sure my wife was familiar with the features of the new car. Best car-buying experience I have ever had. If you're going to buy a car, go to Downtown Hyundai."

CitySearch Review by 'lorimechem'
"We had a very good experience at Downtown Hyundai. Our salesperson was Megan Staggs and she was excellent. We had a budget that we needed to stay within...and Megan made that happen!  It was very exciting to be able to drive a new car off the showroom floor! Very nice folks and incredibly helpful. I highly suggest Downtown Hyundai! "

Andrea R
"Wasi was amazing. I pulled into the lot, and he was right there to answer any questions I had, and he wasn't overbearing like other salesmen, which was very nice. Wasi was a very friendly, honest salesman, and he wanted to help me out in any way he could. The overall experience I had at Downtown Hyundai was fantastic."

Janette L
"I purchased my vehicle on a Saturday evening when the dealership was near closing. They graciously stayed late to finish the sale and made appointments for me to bring it back the following week to follow up on any additional questions, wash and clean the (already clean) car. My sales person and the sales manager were kind, patient and very eager to sell me a car that met my requirements. They listened and responded. I like the confidence your company has in your product. It was the feature that sold us."

Jo-Ann S
"Everyone at Downtown Hyundai that I had contact with was friendly, helpful and very professional! A had a great experience. Also I LOVE my Tucson and have already recommend this vehicle to a few friends!"

Keenan E.
"Wasi was excellent to work with and very patient as I took a long time to make my decision."

Karen H.
"This is my 2nd Hyundai. Keep up the good work!! When I'm ready for my 3rd Hyundai I'll be coming back to Downtown Hyundai."

Amber B
"From the first phone call till the time I drove off the lot in my new car, I was pleased. The salesman and the sales manager went out of their way to make sure I was well taken care of. I've bought A LOT of cars in the past, but I have never had such a pleasant experience. I truthfully don't know of a single thing that could have been done any better!"-

William R.
"Overall it was a good experience. The car has a few dings and scratches but understandable considering how long it was on the lot. They will repair the dings on my first service, which is in 700 miles. I love the car. It was the best bang for the buck. All the bells and whistles I wanted. Very comfortable ride, good power and a great looking car. I love it so far. One option that was not available on my model was cooled seats. I have back problems so it would have been handy for a long drive. The lumbar on the driver's seat is really great for my back on long thumbs up for that option. Good Job Overall Hyundai!! The experience was great and I love the car. I feel that if Hyundai continues to be proactive in development regarding style and quality while keeping the price economical, you will surpass the competition in time. I am in the auto industry and I know the quality is there and is the main reason I chose to purchase the vehicle."

Jennifer B
"Rahim did an excellent job - was very friendly and fair and Rania was also very nice."

Remington Y.

"The salesperson I dealt with was awesome and has checked in with me numerous times since my purchase to make sure everything was satisfactory."

John S.
"I was given answers to my online questions via email as I requested. I inquired online to 5 other dealers about prices, rebates and interest rates and only received emails telling me to call for information or annoying voicemails when I had requested information via email. Downtown Hyundai had the best overall pricing, too."

Joey V
"The Sales staff was great. I must have come back to the dealership 5 times before I actually bought the car and they were always happy to see me and ready to help."

CitySearch Review by Kmen
"My experience at Downtown Hyundai was a great one. They were very nice and really worked with me to make my experience a good one." 

CitySearch Review by JPSmith
"I made a deal and bought a new car on my first visit. I looked at several other dealers and makes and got the best deal at Downtown Hyundai."

CitySearch Review by Cindy Lou Who
"I would definitely recommend Downtown Hyundai to anyone in the market for a new car. I took 2 different cars for a test drive and then went to several dealerships to compare other brands. I didn't find any other brand that compared to the value of the Hyundai Elantra and I can't say enough about the dealership. My salesman and the Sales Manager were very helpful through the entire process. This is my first purchase from Downtown Hyundai and probably not my last!"

CitySearch Review by Trispeed

"Great service, they let me take an extended test drive by myself and I really liked the car after driving it for awhile. The Elantra Touring is a great ride with lots of room and great handling."

Lewis J.
"Overall, it was a very positive experience and the Sales and Finance staff and the Management were very friendly and professional. I would recommend them and return there in the future."

Frank W.
"My sales experience was wonderful. I will go to Downtown Hyundai again for any future automotive needs...."

Omer J
"All the people at the dealership were a PLEASURE to deal with."

Jackie D
"This was my first experience with Downtown Hyundai and my first Hyundai, and I was extremely pleased from start to finish, and my salesman was great. I can't think of one thing I would change or suggest needs changing."

Kent & Susan S
"This was the BEST experience I have ever had purchasing a car!"

Madeleine R
"They were truly great every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"